How to you choose the best office relocation services

 Relocating an office, company or even an industry is not an easy task, and even when figuring how to move, you probably have an idea of the problems you will likely going to face when moving.  It’s too unfortunate that most articles you seek for advice lays out how stressful moving experience is, and how many pitfall you will face. However, relocating offices is an exciting experience, regardless of the reason for moving, but you will have to know how to choose the best office relocation company.

Here are few things that you should look for before you hire an office relocation services.


When relocating offices, there are chances that a lot of delicate electronics and vital network equipment will be involved. It is, for this reason, you will have to inquire whether an office relocation company that you intend to hire has past experiences in handling items like servers, computers, network hand wares, hand drives and such devices that contribute to an effective running of your business. If you ignore this quality, it means your company precious infrastructure is at risk.


Inquire about a company customer service from business with similar needs and have used them in the past, how clearly they communicate on the relocation plans and how they accomplish relocations.

Insurance and guarantees

The right office relocating company should provide you with valuable protection against any possible property damages and even their workers. This should be a standard request, but if you find some hesitation, this is an indication that they either have poor safety history or are not good enough to offer office relocation services.

Their packing services and other services

The best company should have the right equipment and trained employees to handle packing of just about everything.  You also will need to inquire exactly what the company will do on relocation. For example, do they disassemble and reassemble office types of furniture such as desks, chairs, filing cabinets, shelves and other large furniture.  Some companies include these services in their estimates, but some don’t, and you have to do it yourself.

Office relocation may seem similar to the regular home move; after all, you are still loading boxes and furniture into a truck and moving to a new location. But, there is a huge difference between these two moves. Office relocation needs planning, and items being moved need careful handling to ensure that your business can continue operating efficiently. So, these few factors should not be taken for granted; otherwise, you will end up effecting your regular business operations. For more information, talk to a professional like Gormans Removals.

Tips for Storing Your Tax Documents

You have to store your tax records for at least five years after your filing date. If you own a business, you may have a lot of records, and if you don’t have room to store them at your home or office, you may need to hire a storage unit for them. To help you protect them while they are in storage, take a look at these tips:

Storing Paper Documents

If you have a lot of paper documents including expense receipts, payroll stubs, bank statements and other items, you need to ensure they don’t get wet in storage. A waterproof and fireproof safe or filing cabinet is the best option, but it can get expensive.

In lieu of that, corrugated cardboard file boxes keep your documents organised and relatively protected, but they don’t have the ability to thwart water. However, you can provide these boxes with some protection by placing them on shelves in your storage unit — don’t store them on the floor. Also, fight humidity by putting a small packet of desiccant in each box,

If you are worried about losing paper documents, you can opt to scan them all and make digital copies. However, you also have to take certain precautions when storing digital tax records.

Storing Digital Records

In many cases, business owners have a mixture of paper and digital records, and because of that, you may also be storing hard drives, old computers, USB thumb drives or any other electronics with digital records on them.

Before putting any digital records in storage, make sure that you have a copy — either make a copy onto another physical device (hard drive, thumb drive, etc.) or save copies onto a cloud storage account. If you make physical copies, ideally, you should store them in a separate storage facility or at least in a different section of your storage unit.

Choose a  temperature-controlled storage facility. Unfortunately, most electronics cannot survive extreme temperatures. In addition, if you live in a humid area, look for a storage facility that uses a dehumidifier, and avoid basement units.

If possible, slip your electronic storage devices into static proof bags and then pack them carefully in cardboard boxes with packaging foam or other cushioning. Like your paper documents, electronics should not be stored on the floor in storage units — that gives them a bit of extra protection if there is flooding.

For more tips on storing records, contact a storage unit company.


Considerations to Keep In Mind before Enlisting Removalist Services

The process of moving house, whether to a different neighbourhood or different city altogether, can be both arduous as well as tedious. This is especially true if you plan on embarking on the entire process on your own. As such, more and more people are opting for removalists’ services to ease the burden of moving house. However, not many homeowners keep in mind the different considerations you would need to contemplate. As such, they end up selecting the first company they come across and this could lead to unsatisfactory results. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind before enlisting removalist services.

Enquire about their accreditation from AFRA

AFRA refers to the Australian Furniture Removal Association. This association works toward ensuring all removalists meet stipulated standards when carrying out their services. The standards cover a range of components associated with moving, such as the type of equipment they will use, the type of training their personnel has, the types of vehicles they employ and more. Opting for a removalist company that has been accredited by AFRA gives you a guarantee of professionalism during your moving process.

Enquire about the costs associated with the move

Moving house does not incur one flat rate across the board. There are different factors that will dictate the different price points that the various removalist companies will use. Enquiring about the costs associated with the move will make you better placed at making an appropriate decision on whether the removalist company’s quotes will be cost effective for your needs. Some of the different factors that would influence the cost of your move will include:

The amount of transit insurance: Transit insurance is a policy that will cover anything that is being moved by the removalist company. This will include the furniture, household appliances and more. Some companies may not charge you for transit insurance if all they will be handling is your furniture. However, if you expect them to transport other items, it would be best to enquire about the transit insurance beforehand.

The number of items being moved: Removalist companies primarily deal with furniture. However, this does not mean that they will exclude household items, garments and other belongings. The quantity of belongings that you would like relocated can therefore play a part in incurring additional costs. This is due to the fact that the more the items, the more labour that will be spent on packing and unpacking the items. It will also cost the removalist company more to provide additional packaging for your other belongings. To be on the safe side, always enquire about whether the quantity of items will affect the price of the move. 

Reasons to Opt for Steel Storage Cabinets

A number of advantages can be associated with steel storage cabinets. If you are planning to purchase a cabinet, here are reasons to consider a steel storage cabinet for your moving or storage needs.

They are durable and lightweight

Naturally, steel is known to be a strong material, thus, storage cabinets made from it will also be extremely strong and will last for a very long time. It is very difficult to have a steel storage cabinet broken, unless under an extremely strong external force.

Steel storage cabinets are light. As such, you can easily move the cabinets and their movement will not buckle the floor. Even though steel cabinets last so long that you would think they would be more expensive, they actually are not more expensive than vinyl or wood.

They are easy to clean and maintain

To clean a steel storage cabinet, you only require a piece of cloth, water and a mild detergent to wipe the dirty out. What is more, the wiped steel cabinets will dry out very fast. Rust from steel cabinets can be removed using steel wool or by simply using a sand paper. In addition, once steel cabinets are painted, they rarely peel or flake. Therefore, you will not have to repaint them; other types of storage cabinets, such as those made from wood, require repainting after some duration.

It is easy to lock doors

Most of the steel cabinets have keyed handles to ensure security of the items stored in them, while others have been constructed with slots for locking with padlock. Steel cabinets that have neither a padlock slot nor a keyed handle can be easily locked using a chain to wrap around the handles and then using a padlock to lock.

They offer a wide range of uses

Because steel storage cabinets are made in different sizes and styles, they can be used for a number of uses, as you may want. They are flexible in that you can adjust the shelves according to your personal needs or the size of the items to be stored. For indoor needs, some models of steel cabinets can be used to store clothing and multimedia among other items. For outdoor needs, you can use steel storage cabinets to store items such as paint and hardware. This makes them ideal for any of your moving and storage needs.

For more tips on storing your belongings, talk to companies like Dawson Moving. 

Move And Save | 5 Ways To Spend Less On Your Move

Apart from being stressful, moving can do some damage on your pockets if not planned for and executed correctly. If you are planning on shifting, below are some tips to help you save the most out of your move.

Optimize utility termination dates

Take advantage of the dates your utility services are going to be shut down. Most utility service providers bill clients on a monthly basis. When you are moving, it is advisable to either shift before the next billing cycle begins, or cut off your services early to avoid paying for an additional month. You may want to do this for utilities such as electricity and landline services.

Lose all the useless stuff

Some moving companies may charge you based on the number of packages they are transporting for you. Therefore, you probably want to get rid of any unnecessary items you may have.  These may be very old or any other unused things. You can choose to donate or sell the items. A garage sale could be quite handy. This would not only save costs but also earn you some cash in the process.

Avoid extra insurance

Usually, you may be already covered for a move by your home insurance policy. However, some moving companies may tempt you to acquire additional third party insurance policies for items such as pianos and chandeliers. Remember, you are moving to a new neighbourhood, not a war zone.  As much as some extra insurance would grant you psychological peace, it is not that necessary to acquire at times.

Use other services

If you can transport some of your items using other services, go ahead and do so. For example, you may want to use postal services to move your library of books. A box of books may be really heavy and is probably costly if you are using movers who charge based on weight. In addition, you can use specialist removal services for valuable instruments, such as pianos.

Keep a safe work environment

While moving, keep in mind that clutter equals cost. If you hear the shutter of a glass, just know that some money has just fallen out of your pockets. The best way to save money is by preventing loss. Therefore, you may want to ensure little children and pets are far from the moving activities to avoid any breakages. In addition, you can make the work area clear and accessible by packing and arranging your goods in advance, so that the removalists’ job would be to just pick up and load.

For more information, contact a company like City West Removals And Storage.

Guide to Proper Long Term Storage for Your Vehicle

There are a number of different reasons why you may need to keep your vehicle stored away for a long period of time. You might want to keep it out of the elements during the winter months by placing it in a storage unit or simply need to keep an extra vehicle in a storage unit until you require it in the future. Before you place a vehicle in long term storage, it is important that you take the steps necessary to prepare your car.


It is always a good idea to prepare your vehicle for long term storage by having the fluids changed. This means that you need to change the oil, oil filter and transmission fluid in advance of storing your vehicle. This is a great step to take to ensure that the engine of your car is protected even when it is not being used. If your oil is dirty and has not been changed recently, having these contaminants within the oil long term can cause extensive damage to the engine. This means that changing the oil and filter is a preventative step that you can take before placing your car in storage.


Even though your car will not be driven when in storage long term, it is also recommended that you put at least a half tank of gas into the vehicle before it is stored. Having at least a half tank of gas will keep moisture from finding a way into your gas tank. This is also a really great way to keep the seal from drying out. You should also try adding a fuel stabiliser to the tank. Adding a stabiliser to the gas will keep it from breaking down overtime. If the gas does brake down, this could result in damage occurring to the fuel line. However, this is much less likely when you add a fuel stabiliser to the gas tank before storing your car.


It is also suggested that you disconnect the battery once you place your vehicle in storage. This is a step that you can take to ensure that the battery does not become corroded over time. You can be sure that the battery will retain its charge more effectively if you disconnect it while the car is being stored. This will ensure that when you return to remove the car from storage that the battery will be functioning properly.

4 Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring a Removalist

When moving, one of the most important considerations is what moving service to use. Considering all the responsibilities that a person entrusts a removalist with, it is not uncommon to be hesitant in regard to which service to go with.

This is why it is essential to take some time to ask the right questions to removalist services prior to hiring them. When you ask the right questions, you can feel confident in the choice you make and ensure your move will be a success.

Will there be any charges that are not included in the initial quote or estimate?

No one wants to be surprised with unexpected charges when they receive their final moving bill. This is why it is essential to ask the company if there is the possibility of any additional costs involved with the services that are not included on the estimate. Additional costs can be added on for a variety of occurrences, such as additional items or rooms that were not seen during the estimate, unexpected delays and scheduling changes.

Is the initial deposit refundable?

If you have to provide a deposit to the removalist before they will commit to your moving job, it is worthwhile to make sure you clearly understand the payment and deposit requirements. For example, there may be the possibility of getting your deposit back after you have paid for the service or if the deposit will be subtracted from the final bill.

What will the liability cover?

There are a number of removalist services that will not cover any damage to your belongings if you have packed them yourself. There are others who will only accept the liability for items that were obviously damaged because of something they did—which is a very gray area. This is why it is important to figure out what your liability is from the onset.

Are there any restrictions on what the company can or cannot move?

There are some removalists that won’t move valuable items, such as antiques or jewelry. They may also have restrictions in regard to what perishable items they can move. This means you may have to transport these items yourself.

Moving can be stressful, but when you find a quality removalist service and become educated on what to ask prior to hiring, much of the stress can be eliminated.  Remember this the next time you move a home or business. Contact a service like Melbourne Cheap Suburb Removal to get started.

Important Questions to Ask Any Potential Removalist Company Before a Move

A removalist company can be a great choice for when you need to pack up your entire home and move to a new location, as packing your items and moving furniture can be a bigger chore than you may realize. Many removalist companies can also help you start packing and may even provide storage space for items you pack up but don’t want underfoot between now and your move. To ensure you choose the right removalist company and know what’s involved in your move, note a few questions and topics you may need to cover with them.

1. Ask if they handle firearms

Even if they’re locked away in a gun case or taken apart, a removalist company may not handle firearms, crossbows, hunting knives, and items like these, as well as ammunition, arrows, and the like. They may handle empty gun cases and a gun safe, but if you have firearms, hunting equipment, and other such items, always ask if a removalist will take these items before you assume you can simply toss them into the back of their truck.

2. Ask if appliances need to be emptied

Very often you will need to empty your refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, oven, and other such appliances before they can be moved. It may be tempting to keep your pots and pans in the oven so that they’re packed away and secured during the move or assume you can take your food with you while it’s in the fridge, but this isn’t always the case. Be sure you ask about appliances you may want to have moved so you can plan ahead to get more boxes for your food and other such items rather than assuming you can just secure the appliances and move them while they’re full.

3. Can plants be moved?

Whether or not a removalist company can take plants, you want to ensure that your plants are allowed to be moved to your new area if you’re moving across the country, to a new state, or to a new country altogether. Some areas have restrictions on the types of plants that can be brought into their region, especially if the plant is flowering or produces fruit and if you are going to actually plant it in the ground. This can often attract unwanted insects and invasive types of bugs and may hurt the overall soil composition of your property. Be sure you note if your plant can be taken with you before you ask the removalist if they can pack it up.

For more information, start contacting local removalists

Tips to Remember When Storing Furniture

You might need to store furniture due to relocating to a smaller home or for any number of reasons. No matter why you choose to store furniture, it is important that you take measures to ensure that the furniture items you store are protected. Placing them haphazardly into a storage space is not enough to ensure that they remain in great condition. It is important that you are aware of the most effective furniture storage tips that are designed to make sure that your property is protected.


Many people assume that plastic is a great way to protect furniture items that are placed in storage. Plastic is relatively cheap and can securely wrap around items, but it is not the best option. You should actually avoid using plastic on furniture that you place in storage. Plastic does not allow furniture to breathe. This means that your furniture will most likely retain a musty smell of have moisture damage of some kind if you choose to wrap it in plastic. The superior option to plastic is fabric. Wrapping your furniture in fabric before you put it in storage is ideal. Old sheets and blankets are fabrics that you have around the house and can be used to wrap your furniture items. These materials are breathable, but still provide the protection that is required. All furniture items that you wrap in fabric will be properly ventilated, but will also be protected from dust or scratches.


You might think that you need to make the most out of the storage space that you have available and pile furniture on top of one another, but this is not ideal. It is always essential that you leave space in between items when you are storing furniture. This allows for air to flow freely. You will have higher costs in the future if you place furniture items to closely together. It is best to pay for the cost of more storage space initially than to replace all furniture due to damage at a later time.


It is always best to avoid putting furniture directly on the floor in storage space. You never know if flooding will occur. You can prevent against flood damage by making sure to place all furniture on pallets. This means that the furniture will not directly be exposed to the floor of the storage space. Also be sure to not place large items on top of furniture for long periods of time, because they will leave behind markings that are permanent.

Eliminate Your Budget for Moving Boxes and Packaging Supplies With These Tips

Moving can be expensive, but luckily, there are multiple ways to save money during your move. If you want to save money on packaging solutions in particular, take a look at these tips. They cost virtually nothing to embrace, and they eliminate costs related to moving boxes and packaging materials.

1. Skip the tape

Tape can be expensive, but luckily, if you have a tight budget, you can simply skip the tape.

If you are packing conventional moving boxes, fold the flaps over each other in an alternating pattern so the box stays relatively sealed as you move it — you can close both the top and the bottom of the box like this.

Alternatively, find boxes that don’t need tape to seal them.

2. Look for free boxes

You can typically find free boxes at liquor stores, retail shops and grocery stores. In the first two places, you are likely to find shipping boxes that need to be sealed as described above.

However, at the grocery store, check out the boxes from the produce section. Most of these sturdy boxes are held together with staples, and they come with lids, making it easy to pack them without tape.

Be aware that some of these boxes have openings on their bases, and you need a piece of cardboard to seal these openings. Try to get the original piece of cardboard when you get the box, or cut apart another box to make your own box liner as needed.

3. Save rubbish to use as packing supplies

Don’t overlook the potential of clean rubbish and recycling. Start saving anything that could be used as packaging material about a month or so before your move. If you don’t have enough time to build a collection of packaging materials with your own rubbish, ask your friends or neighbours to contribute.

Shred old bills into paper packaging. Use newspapers to wrap glass and pottery. Cut up egg cartons, and use them to create layers of cushioning in your moving boxes. Save cardboard tubes and use them to sheath knives.

4. Use blankets as moving blankets

You can hire moving blankets from most removals companies. These blankets or pads can be placed between pieces of furniture to protect them from scratches and bumps. Instead of spending money on them, however, use the blankets that you have.

Strip your beds, take your blankets and sheets from storage and remember to use your sleeping bags as well.